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23 May 2010 @ 07:25 pm
WHO | Iceman, Gambit & Hank (NPC)
WORD COUNT | 1,864


As if having a headache from hell wasn't bad enough. All Bobby could do was watch gingerly from where he was lying on one the beds in the medical bay as Warren and John, closely followed by Rogue, dragged a rather woozy looking Remy in and shove him on the bed nextdoor. Bobby's head was throbbing too much to even care to ask what happened, it sounded like they were all shouting and he merely groaned to himself and put his hand over his eyes to try and shut out the scene. All the other beds in the room and they put him on the one beside him? Fucking brilliant. It was strange to see LeBeau in an ailing state, and Bobby couldn't help but wonder (or hope) that it was maybe a result of shitting himself unconscious after Sage and her laxatives (which apparently she "borrowed" from this very med bay, ironically). Bobby wasn't usually a vindictive sort of person, but after Remy smacked him in the back of the head with his staff at a training session that morning, he was more than willing to put the revenge hat on briefly. The only thing was, he didn't know if it had been an accident or not. If it was, it meant he was more off his game than he thought. On the other hand, if Remy really wanted to smack him in the head, he was going to find the opportunity to do it no matter what.

The whole thing just left Bobby really wondering why he had come back...Collapse )
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23 May 2010 @ 01:56 am
WHO | Rogue, Gambit, Angel, Pyro
WORD COUNT | 5,449

Pyro had no idea what he was thinking. Well, he knew a little of what he was thinking. He was thinking about Sage and getting into her panties. He was thinking about the friends he'd left behind. He was thinking that maybe - just maybe - he'd had his rebel without a cause moment, and it was time to find out just where he really belonged. He was still sitting behind the wheel of the rental car as he tapped his fingers of one hand against the steering wheel, and flicked the cap of his lighter up and down with his other hand. It was the same lighter he'd had for years, the one thing that had meant the world to him.

There was a young brunette that had meant the world to him too, but that was a lifetime ago. She loved someone else. Had always loved someone else. She'd just been a convenient excuse to force the rift between him and Bobby. It was easier to leave Xavier's behind if he didn't have any attachments. Now he had a chance with a different brunette, and the Brotherhood wasn't fuelling him like it used to. It was getting monotonous, and he didn't actually care about anyone there. He'd watched Magneto leave Mystique behind without a second thought when she'd been infected with the Cure.

Pyro stopped tapping his fingers against the wheel and sighed...Collapse )