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Warren had been in New York most of the day with his father's company catching up on a few things he had been putting off too long. He knew he had been a bit of a pain in the ass in relation to keeping up with the family business when his father called him up and politely enquired how he was and if he was busy with the X-Men. It was a passive aggressive way of the Worthington patriarch telling his son to get his butt to HQ to do some work. He had to put aside plans he had of spending the day holed up in bed with John to drive to New York, and ended up just being bored out of his brain anyway. In fact, the past couple of days since the realisation as to the fact they wanted to - maybe - try the whole dating each other thing, he and John hardly had time to be in the same room together. It suddenly felt like everyone was watching, and there was some intensive training sessions with the team. Getting back to Xavier's, Warren was more than determined to find John and get back on the same page as him.

He struggled to track the other mutant down, though. Looking in all the obvious places came up fruitless, and in the end, Warren had to wheedle the information out of Emma, who managed to track John down to the lake with her psychic brain mojo. Of course, she was nosey enough to want to know why Warren was so desperate to find the fire manipulator, and Warren seemed to have no issues lying through his teeth in saying that Scott wanted both of them for one of those training sessions to make up for the day they pulled a sickie. She seemed to buy it, but all he cared about was that she bought it long enough for him to piss off out of her presence again and get to the lake. He found John standing at the edge of the water skimming rocks across the surface. There was no one else around now that it was getting close to dinner time. Privacy, at least for a little while. Warren came up behind John, grabbing his hand pulling him around. He shot him a smirk before he pulled him into a rough and hungry kiss, just like he had been imagining doing all day.

John responded to the kiss immediately, his hands exploring Warren's body automatically as the kiss deepened and continued...Collapse )

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Lorna hadn't been avoiding Warren. She'd just been careful about crossing paths with him. She still wasn't sure that what Tessa had been thinking and then what she'd been thinking was the truth. Maybe Warren had just borrowed John's pants because it was convenient? Then again, he'd had fuck feathers. Lorna hadn't even seen Warren's fuck feathers before but she just had this feeling. Plus it was pretty clear he wanted sex with any random chick that wasn't her.

She'd been too clingy after the rescue, and now she was paying for it. So she was just giving him the space he wanted. It wasn't her fault that when she did unintentionally cross paths with him that she'd nearly screamed the mansion down and spilt all her soda all over his white t-shirt. She'd been lost in her own world - now with the added burden of needing to avoid Alex - and Warren had startled her when he'd come up behind her in the kitchen.

She just stood there staring at him with her green eyes before she finally came back to life again and reached for a cloth to try and start soaking up the soda she'd spilled. "Oh my god, are you okay? I'm sorry, I didn't even... I didn't hear you."

Warren just stood there and looked at her. He would maybe understand the reaction if he had come in dressed as Freddy Kruger, or maybe a giant knife-wielding chicken, but all he did was walk into a room - a communal room at that - and she was acting like he was a murdering stalker?Collapse )

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02 August 2010 @ 10:28 pm
7.12. No, you can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones

Co-written with manipulatefire

It had been quite a long and intense night. By the time the two of them reached New York City, they realised they could both actually really do for some stress relief by way of a bit of boozing and dancing. It took a lot of work to worry if you were about to fuck one of your best mates (again) and like it (again). Warren had booked them into The Plaza, and at least some things never actually changed. They got into a heated argument in the car about even staying there. John thought it was too posh, but Warren refused to stay in a dive. He might be laid back about it, but he was still a millionaire's son. He could be a spoiled shit when he wanted to have his moments. This was one of his moments, and if he was going to be putting his dick in realms (mostly) unknown, he wanted to stay at The Plaza.

He won that argument, but lost the argument about what club they would go boozing at. Although, boozing was a stretch. Neither actually touched more than one beer, super aware that the whole reason they were in the city was not to get pissed and pick up chicks, but to pick each other up, to 'check'... soberly. But they danced, Warren's wings hidden under his coat. There was one point when a chick pinched John's ass and tried to crack on to him, only to have her walk away looking like she wanted to pee her pants after Warren intercepted with a few pointed words. John had merely stood there smirking at him, until Warren told him to go fuck himself and proceeded to start dancing with another woman as revenge. Funnily, her handbag 'accidentally' caught on fire during it and she ran from the club screaming. They knew then that it was probably time to stop the masculine procrastination and headed back to the hotel. There was another moment where Warren ordered a very expensive bottle of French red wine from room service and put some music on the stereo softly while he stood in nothing more than his boxers looking out at the nightline of New York that he had always loved... and did miss living further out in Westchester.

But now it was done. Post-coital and all that...Collapse )

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Co-written with manipulatefire, emeraldallure & cyberpathicmind for noiredeluxure

John stirred in his sleep, consciousness starting to tug at him as something tickled his chin. He wasn't really about to start laughing, the sensation just annoying the shit out of him when he was having such a nice, hot dream. Then the pounding started in his head and he realised the other reason he didn't want to be awake. He reached down to scratch himself and the tickling sensation ran all up his arm. He groaned in protest and moved to try and roll over onto his side away from the offending sensation but he hit a warm body and it made him pause.

Even without being fully awake he knew there shouldn't have been a body next to him. Right?Collapse )

Word Count | 4,153
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