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Magneto had always been fond of building his own lairs. He was a fan of theatricality, of openly flaunting his power. However, he did occasionally use abandoned buildings for his own purpose. Like a decrepit apartment building on the outskirts of Boston. It hadn't been lived in for months, and vandals had taken to it not long after closure.

Pyro had known where he was without being told. He'd taken hostages here himself during his time with the Master of Magnetism. Now he was sitting in one of the empty apartments with a gun pointed at him.

The tranquilliser Mystique had shot him with had knocked him out long enough for them to get him here, and ever since he’d just been strapped to a chair under constant guard. There hadn’t been any beatings. They’d just taken his lighter and made sure there was nothing in the room that could create flame to give him something to manipulate and use against him. They also kept just out of reach so he couldn’t attack them.

It was only from the lack of food and water that he was even beginning to struggle, his energy reserves sapped.Collapse )

John Allerdyce/Pyro
X-Men movieverse
Words: 710

Warren referenced with permission. The Brotherhood are all NPC.
Current Location: Outside Boston
21 August 2010 @ 09:23 pm
Uniform doesn't seem to fit like it used to.
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