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RP LOG with stonecoldfrost | Tit for tat

Warren was stalking through the halls of Xavier's, basically ignoring anyone he passed and even blatantly ignoring a couple of team members when they tried to say hello to him. He just wasn't in the mood for niceties. He had woken up in a pissed off mood after not sleeping well, too many random thoughts about John and what could have been racing through his head at top speed. He still couldn't believe his potential exclusive 'lover' had fucked off into the sunset after one argument. If they couldn't even take the heat of a fight between them about a subject that was always going to be an issue, then maybe it was a good idea Pyro had renegged on his return to Xavier's and left... again. That didn't mean Warren was any less bothered by it. He was aggravated and pissed off, without a doubt, but at the same time, he was confused and wondering why the hell they couldn't get their shit together. Agree to disagree, or something like that. But at the end of the day Warren's father was always going to be his father, and he wasn't sure he could have stuck with anyone for very long who hated his family as much as Pyro seemed to. Warren wasn't going to change who he was or where he came from for anyone. John was all about mutants staying mutants because they were born like that, but he seemed to forget somewhere along the line that Warren was also born the Worthington heir and Warren Worthington
II's son, no matter what.

The thought had Warren accidentally growling in frustration and two little kids passing by him must have nearly peed their pants and took off back in the direction they had just come from. Any other day, Warren probably would have cared, but now he was just intent on one thing. He intercepted Emma on one of the lower floors of the school coming out of... someone's office. Maybe hers. Warren had lost track. He breached the gap between their personal spaces before she had a chance to protest and with a devious smirk, had her cornered up against a wall, him enclosing the space so she couldn't get away from him. "I need a favour, darling," he told her sweetly, meeting the patronising tone she so often managed herself. There was no denying the fact he was bothered enough by John's departure to be wanting to get their whole... thing out of his system. Maybe the bisexual thing was just a stupid bout of drunken lust. Whatever it was, right now, Warren just wanted to fuck someone, hard and fast, enough to forget the fling with John and get it out of his system. He knew Emma could more than deliver. She had delivered in the past when they got caught up together in a secret affair, she could deliver again now. "Actually, I need two."

"I'd ask what's gotten into you, dear, but I think it's more a case of what's getting up," Emma responded as she didn't even bat an eyelid at having Warren corner her. It wasn't as if she would mind. She would just maybe have to deal with the strange concept of guilt when she'd made a promise to herself to stay celibate while she waited for Scott to pull her finger out. Only Emma wasn't used to being the good girl, and her urges were getting stronger and stronger. Now here was a man she knew more than had it in him to match her, and give her exactly what she needed. And apparently one that needed two favours. She smirked back at him and reached behind her to get the door to her office again and pushed it open at the same moment she grabbed the front of Warren's shirt and tugged him inside. "I don't do favours without there being something in it for me, Warren. Even if they're for you."

"Predictably," Warren responded and as soon as her office door closed behind her, he caught her lips in a rough and hungry kiss. Okay, so it was enough to tell him he probably was bisexual as opposed to gay. His body still had no issues responding to women and he had never been averted to getting it on with Emma in the past. It just so happened that the first person he really considered having a serious relationship with was a guy. A guy who had fucked off again. This thought only spurred Warren on, a burst of anger fuelling his actions as he had her determinedly up against a wall. It wasn't like she could get him up against one. Not with dirty great wings on his back. That was a lesson John at learnt quite quickly. Face up against a wall, sure, but not back. Again, way more conducive to the bi tendencies anyway. Thoughts of John having him face up against a wall also sparked more reaction in him and in a heartbeat, he had her shirt torn off to reveal her white lacy bra underneath. "C'mon, Frost. I thought by now you would know I more than drive a fair - hard - deal," he growled before dipping his head and trailing his tongue just along the top of her cleavage.

Emma didn't exactly bite back the moan of pleasure that escaped her as her body shuddered at the feel of Warren's tongue. She hadn't been touched by any man in months, and again she had to wonder at her reasoning. Scott would have hardly denied her, right? They weren't together. She didn't even know if he would warm to her. Their supposed date had yet to occur with all the mini emergencies springing up, and former students popping up like weeds. But her mind wasn't closed to Warren's thoughts. She caught the imagery of Warren with John and as much as it pained her to do so she got her arm around Warren's neck and her fingers in his hair as she gripped the blond strands tightly and pulled him back. Her blue eyes flashed with deviousness as her kiss swollen lips curved into a knowing smirk. "You know I love it rough as much as the next mutant, but I am no one's substitute cock. No matter how much people might assume I've got a pair hidden somewhere in my non-existent panties. You should tread very carefully here, Mr Worthington. If you need a fuck to forget your lover, then be honest. If you want my help to find him then don't fuck me. You'll only regret it."

Warren pulled back, her words pretty much killing any boner he had and for a moment, he just glared at her angrily for stealing his thoughts. He fucking hated psychic mind readers or whatever the hell she did. Nothing was sacred, and nothing was private. In fact, he was about two steps from telling her to go fuck herself but he caught himself and instead started to pace restlessly. "He's not my fucking lover. I just want to know where he is so I can find him and tear him a new one for skipping out like a gutless jerk. And just for the record? Fuck you! Quit invading my thoughts! It shits me!"

Emma held up a finger. "I suggest you stop thinking so loudly about other people while trying to get it on with me. I'm hardly going to apologise for my control slipping when I've been beyond horny for a long time now. I'm sorry I can't help you with that particular favour, but if you stop telling me to go fuck myself - which I do by default, so really that threat is pointless - I will quit invading your mind for the present time, and help you. You're just going to have to think of some other way to repay me." She licked her lips slowly as she smirked again. "As delicious as that little encounter just was. He means enough to you to get you riled up so much," she added as she reached forward to give his crotch a squeeze, "in both heads."

Warren nudged her hand away. "Then you should have thought about that before you friggin spewed out all my thoughts to me and pissed me off!" But it was his turn to smirk now and stepped back up close to her. He could give as good as he got. "Now you get to jump right onto Cerebro and tell me where the fuck John is... or I'll tell Scott you had your hand down my pants."

"Angel my ass, hm?" Emma asked with an amused quirk of her eyebrow. She arched her back to bring her torn shirt back to his attention and smiled. "Now will you at least button me up so it doesn't look like I'm dragging you into Cerebro for some sort of twisted sexual encounter? There won't be any need to tell Scott anything if I go walking around the school like this. Just take a mental picture for later when you still need to try and wank him out of your thoughts."

Warren pointed to his head. "Do you see a halo, Frost?" he asked with a smirk. He kept his eyes on her face as he quickly buttoned up her top and shot her one of his thoughts along the lines of it would be difficult for anyone to live up to the wanking material John had left him with, asshole or not. He quirked an eyebrow at her when she would have inevitably received the thought and then patted his fingers against her top button. "Once you've had cock, darling, there's no going back."

Emma ran her fingers through her hair as she smoothed it back into place and winked at Warren. "Preaching to the choir. I'm just amused that you've discovered it. And with him of all people... Still, there's an odd sort of sense to it. You two always were so invested in the little 'bromance'. I'm sure Lorna and Tessa will undoubtedly be crying into their pillows." Emma pushed off the wall and walked towards the door to her office. "Personally, I would love to see you tear him a new one for ditching you. At least it does explain his sudden getaway. Are you really so sure there's not a part of you that wants him back?"

"I ditched him, just for the record, but he was being a complete fucking asshole and deserved it," Warren insisted and almost wasn't going to honour her last question with an answer. He followed her closely, more than ready to make sure she kept her word on Cerebro. Is was the best chance he had for tracking John down. He couldn't really explain completely why he wanted to... maybe just to find out if the shit went back to Magneto or not. "One part, that I never let make important decisions for me. But it's not like it's attached to my head. There is only room in a tryst for one dickhead."

"Then how do you explain the sudden love for cock?" Emma asked him quietly with an arch of her eyebrow. "Men. Of course there's going to be issues when you both have the capacity to stop thinking with the main head, and everything just flows south. I am sorry that he was an asshole to you. I suppose some people will never change, and he's had years to develop bad habits." Emma took a turn in the foyer to find the panel in the wall that hid the elevator down to the lower levels where Cerebro was housed. She was many things, but a liar wasn't one of them. "I don't suppose you ever recorded your encounters, did you?"

Warren gave a snort of a laugh. "Are you freaking kidding? I'm the heir of a New York business tycoon. Do you really think I'm going to get video evidence of anything like this out there? You know how easy it is for shit like that to fall into the wrong hands. Who says it was so sudden, anyway? Just because you don't realise something right away doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Besides the fact we were drunk off our faces when it first happened. Usually helps make you do bullshit you don't think you're capable of sober. Just turns out we really liked it."

Emma grinned as the elevator opened and she waited for Warren to join her before pressing the button that would send them down. "I really liked it, too. Very heated... Well, alcohol can loosen all sorts of inhibitions. Now there's an idea. Perhaps I should get Scott drunk. He might discover he's capable of jumping into my bed. What do you think? Do you regret what happened now that John's gone?"

Warren tucked his wings right in against his back and crossed his arms in the elevator. "Quit with the brain invasion, goddamit," he huffed. "If I wanted you to watch, I would have invited you along in the flesh. But I didn't. Think about that for a minute. Last time I saw Scott drunk he was trying to have a conversation with the bannister of the stairs and randomly singing Britney Spears songs. I would think you might have to hit him with some pretty hard booze. No, I don't. I just want to smash his face in for screwing me over."

Emma tapped her finger against her temple before zipping her lips. "Secrets are safe with me, dear. And I really do promise I'll stop intruding upon your dirty mind. Shame you didn't invite me, though. I could have brought some extra fun to the party." Emma looked at him before she let out a sigh. "Britney Spears? Really? Oh dear god... I can't believe he's the man I want. If I find him, you really need to let me watch you smash his face in just in case it ends in angry sex."

"I doubt it," Warren returned with a smug smirk, but it soon fell away in favour of his features darkening. "It didn't the first time we fought. I'm surprised you haven't gotten a brainload of that. Or do you just have selective brain theft? If there are no bare cocks, you're not interested? Scott has a boy scout bug up his ass sober, it's bound to slip when he's not."

Emma clucked her tongue in disapproval. "Now, really. I am capable of using my own imagination, Warren. I'm disappointed you still consider me such a thought thief. But it's nice to continue to get the details you're feeding me while telling me off. He also just needs a damn good tumble. It might shake the boy scout bug loose."

Warren waved his hand. "There are no details I'm sharing! Some things should just be private, you know? There is a freaking reason we kept it quiet! The people who needed to know we told and that was it. It's no one else's business. Especially not now because it's said and done. It's hard to fuck someone when they aren't even in the same fucking post code."

"Well, we'll soon see about that," Emma commented as the doors opened and they stepped out into the blue tiled hallway. She led the way towards Cerebro as her white heels clicked on the floor. The first time she had used Cerebro it had certainly been interesting. It was every telepath's dream to have that kind of power at your fingertips. And now she did. Permanently. She was never going to be what the X-Men were looking for in a person, never going to be a squeaky clean fit. But she was capable, she was intelligent and she knew what she was doing. Emma waited for the security protocol to scan her eye before it opened up to let them into the huge cavernous room with a single platform featuring Cerebro. "Are you coming in, or are you going to wait outside?"

Warren snorted. "Are you mental. Of course I'm coming in." He didn't hesitate in following her, either. He hadn't been in here often, and no matter what anyone said, it was still intimidating. Something like Cerebro existed and people still got up in arms about the Cure? Bottom line was, as long as mutants existed, power was always going to be a fucking issue whether it was technically, chemically, or psychologically. Someone was always going to flirt with it, and think they were entitled to more for their own little causes. X-Men was just one of many.

Emma just laughed as she glanced at him from over her shoulder. "I've never been certified, so it's just our little secret. Now, stand still. I don't need to tell you just how hard I will kick your ass if you mess this up. And you don't want me to mess this up, do you?" Emma picked up the helmet that was the link into Cerebro and slipped it on. She never argued that she probably looked like an idiot, but at least it got the job done. This wasn't about looking good. It was about amplifying her telepathic abilities. She closed her eyes and focused on Pyro, trying to seek the mutant out in amongst the thousands of other mutant signatures.

Still, she did look like an idiot and Warren had to snigger. He had to, he didn't get the chance at seeing Emma look like an idiot often, so the opportunity was just too priceless. But he covered his mouth and stifled it with an amused snort before schooling his features into a serious mask. "Hey, wait. If he's fucking anyone else, I don't want to know about it. Or I want to know about it, but I don't want details. I just want someone dangerous to go and hurt him," it was a joke, but he couldn't help the flare of possessiveness and jealous inside. Truth was, if he discovered John was fucking someone else, he really wouldn't know how to feel about it.

Without breaking her concentration too much, Emma raised her hand to flip Warren off. "Laugh it up, Angel. You'll soon be choking on your tongue if he is fucking someone. For a man who's so sure he's done with someone, you're being awfully possessive. Especially considering you were going to fuck me for a favour." Her brow furrowed into a frown that Warren wouldn't be able to see. As hard as she focused on John, she couldn't find him. She didn't like it when mutants were hard to pin. It usually meant one of two things, neither of which Warren would be pleased with. "This is not good..."

Warren had just been standing there tapping his foot with his arms crossed as he rolled his eyes impatiently. So bloody what if he had been about to use her to try and get John out of his system? It wasn't like they hadn't both used each other in the past. It was just what they did. She could try pushing his buttons all she liked, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't push them anymore than he had been pushing them himself since the fight with John and only succeeding in pissing himself off more. It was what ultimately led him to Emma anyway. But as soon as those words were out of her mouth, it felt like his stomach shot up into his throat and went over as close to her has he could get. "What?!" he demanded in a growl. "What's fucking not good, Frost?! Don't fuck with me!"

Emma kept her eyes closed and held up a hand for Warren to wait before she took the helmet off and then took a breath. Her blue eyes focused on his as she pinned him with an intense gaze. "They want us to find him. Normally anything to do with Magneto is hidden. He knows about Cerebro. He knows how to hide him and his cohorts. But this... His signal's weak, Warren. At first I didn't think I could even find John, but there is something... I think the Brotherhood have him. They're taking their revenge for him abandoning their side and coming back to ours. And they want us to find him. This could be a trap."

For a good long few moments, Warren just stood there and stared at her. Nothing was going to let him process a statement like that immediately. Nothing. In fact, when his brain kicked in a little, he just laughed. "What?" he said with a gasp of disbelief. He gave his head a little shake, but when he went to say something else, no more words came out and he went right back to staring at her in shock, frozen.

Emma watched him carefully, probing to see if anything was actually going through his mind. She reached out to rest her hand on Warren's arm and squeezed it. "I need to find Scott, and I need to find Logan. We have to find out what's going on for sure, but he wasn't alone. There was a mutant signature I didn't recognise. Probably one of Magneto's new foot soldiers. John's in trouble."

Warren feared for a very real moment that he was going to pass out. He felt abruptly woozy and a little like the ground was tipping underneath him. John had been nervous about this when they fought, but rather than reassuring him, Warren had walked right into a fight with him and now the guilt washed over him like a tidal wave and he started to back away from her, shoving her hand off his arm. "I've got to find him. I'm going," he said abruptly, already spinning around to take off towards the door.

"Warren, wait! You'll need me." Emma caught up with him quickly despite her heels, and had to duck to avoid his wings. "Warren, you can't go in there alone. Please. Don't get yourself in trouble. He'll only be pissed at you for that."

Warren didn't stop. In fact, he only let himself hear her at all through the rush of thoughts was because she was trying to stop him. He stopped abruptly and spun around to face her, so close in his anger he nearly smacked into her he was moving so fast. "It's a little fucking too late for that! Don't try to stop me, Frost! I'm not sitting around while you lot attempt to get your fucking fingers out and set a game plan! You can't fucking tell me anything! You don't know where he is, you don't know how long they've even goddamn had him! How do you fucking know the reason you can't detect his signature is because he's dead?!" he spat, and shook his head to turn around and walk away again. "Fucking useless, all of you!"

Emma reached out and grabbed Warren by the wing and tugged with all her weight. "Hey! Don't you dare walk away from me, Warren. Not now. I never said I couldn't detect it. I said I thought I couldn't. It's there, but it's weak. He's weak. I know where he is. So before you go flying off in all directions trying to find him - just bloody listen to me, you trumped up rooster. I won't get anyone else if you don't want me to, but I will go with you. I can get you to him."

"If he's weak, he could be dead before any of you figure out what the fuck is going on! Meanwhile, no one is out there looking for him! I'm going, and going alone if that is what it takes!" Being insulted, especially in regards to his mutation just served to piss him off even more. "Fuck you, Frost. Fuck you to freaking hell!" he growled and was back in the elevator, even having the doors closed before she could reach him. He couldn't care less if they all went and fucked themselves off a cliff. Not a thing was going to stop him immediately going in search of John. Not one damn thing.

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