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John was beyond restless by the time he got into New York City from Westchester. His duffel bag was in the boot of his car, and it had taken all his energy not to stop and just blow something up out of frustration. The fight with Warren was running over and over in his mind and all he wanted to do was forget it. He found a cheap hotel to spend the night, but after ten minutes of just sitting there glaring at the porno channel while he flicked his lighter on and off, Pyro pushed off the bed and grabbed his coat.

Usually he’d go out and find some quick fuck to ease the frustration since he couldn’t indulge in any fire starting. Not since he’d joined the X-Men and was a good little boy. Even if he’d just walked out of Xavier’s he wasn’t that stupid. He also wasn’t so stupid as to go crawling back to the Brotherhood, or suicidal to go after Magneto. Even if it was tempting.

He seriously wished he and Warren could have just worked out their issues with some good old fashioned angry sex, but apparently the one relationship he’d found himself happy in was also the one relationship to rip itself to pieces in record time. John was stubborn enough to not want to apologise for his views. He still believed that Warren Worthington II didn’t have his son’s best interests at heart; he also believed that the Cure would have eradicated all mutants eventually. It was just as well that the thing hadn’t turned out to be permanent anyway.

Mystique, Magneto, any “cured” mutant had returned to power eventually.

It just wasn’t something Pyro could easily forget, and apparently something he couldn’t forgive either. Maybe he was being stupid; maybe he was just being too stubborn. What he did know was that with Warren he’d found a side of himself that he didn’t even know had existed. He pushed his way into a busy New York gay club, the kind that looked like it would have definitely had a back room which was exactly what John wanted. He wanted to spend a few hours just forgetting everything except the immediate needs that he could satisfy. He also wanted to just forget Warren, even if the first guy he spotted was a good looking blond that was about Warren’s height and build. So sue him if it turned out he had a gay type.

One thing he did like about guys getting together was that there wasn’t always a need for fucking about and playing games. If you wanted someone, you just went for them. They did indulge in a dance though, John finding that it was a lot easier to let go of his inhibitions when he figured no one here would actually know him. Their bodies pressed up together and John smirked when the other guy pushed his hand down the back of his jeans to grip his ass. John caught the guy’s lips in a hard kiss, teeth almost clashing with the ferocity of it. He was more than relieved when there did turn out to be a back room, and his cock was rock hard as he caught sight of all the flesh and heated couplings on display. There was no hiding, no fear. Just pure sex. John could definitely get to like an environment like this.

There was the slightest twinge of guilt when he thought about Warren again, thought about the fact that he really had been willing to go exclusive. He could have happily just let his cock belong to Angel and no one else. Only they weren’t together, were they? They’d never really agreed. Just knew that they’d both kill someone that tried to get between them. But it was over before it started, and Warren wasn’t even here to get jealous. Even if John would have liked to have seen it – and then fucked Warren in the back room of the club.

John looked down as the blond got on his knees and had his pants tugged down, John’s cock soon in his mouth. He let out a hiss of breath as his head hit the wall, his eyes hooded as he watched a couple of guys straight across from them. They were well built, hot, and one guy had the other braced against a chair as he fucked him from behind. John’s tongue ran over his lips, and turned his gaze down to his temporary partner who really did have a pretty talented tongue. He gripped his hair and rolled his hips forward just a little, forcing himself further into his warm mouth as he groaned. No names were going to get called out when he came, and definitely no gods being appealed to. This wasn’t the same as when he was with Warren. There were no feelings involved.

When the guy was back up off his knees, they were making out again, tongues pulsing against each other as Pyro gave the guy a hand job. He was only buying time until he could get hard again. He wasn’t here to be fucked; he was here to do the fucking. He wanted to be in control. And again, with Warren it hadn’t really mattered who was on top, and who was on the bottom. But this wasn’t Warren. The blond came with a loud groan and John smirked against his lips before he pushed him away, his dick ready again. John had the guy’s pants down around his knees as he pushed him up against the wall, a condom out and ready as he used their bodily fluids as lube. This wasn’t about it being nice, it was supposed to be quick and dirty.

Only as soon as John was inside the guy pounding away, all he could think about was Warren. Warren who had been his best friend for years, had even been the only one to really welcome John back. Warren who John had felt happy with even after the confusion of discovering they were both bi, and that cock really was fun to play with. Warren who he’d sabotaged his fledgling relationship with Sage for.

Warren who he’d just monumentally fucked over in a fight that shouldn’t have even happened.

John blinked out of his daydream to find one of the well-built guys standing behind him, intent on joining in the fun as he started to kiss at John’s neck. For a moment John considered it. If he was going to get lost in a hedonistic environment he might as well jump in all the way. Only he didn’t want this. He didn’t want random. He wanted meaningful and he wanted the one thing he’d just given up. It surprised even himself as the revelation struck, and he didn’t even apologise as he abruptly pulled away and left the blond with his ass exposed and started to move out of the back room as he ripped off the condom and pulled his pants back up.

He sucked in the cool night air as he stumbled out of the club and started to walk back to his hotel. He had to get back to Xavier’s. Whatever it took, he was going to make it all up to Warren. He’d find a way. Even if it meant meeting Worthington Senior.

He hadn’t even realised he’d picked up a shadow until he was a block away from his hotel and reached for a cigarette in his pocket. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a familiar figure and cursed. “Fuck off, Creed. I’m not in the mood right now.”

There was a low, rumbling chuckle. “Don’t need you in the mood, Pyro. In fact, you’re not exactly getting much of a choice in anything right now. Magneto’s gonna make you pay for skipping out on us. And don’t think we don’t know where you’ve been. I don’t know when you lost your balls, but going back to the X-Men was a bad move.”

Pyro spun on his heels and already had his lighter in hand as he sneered at Sabretooth. Right then he couldn’t believe the jerk-off had actually been his teammate. “I couldn’t care less about what you, or he thinks about what I’m doing. He’s not the boss of me anymore. So back off, Creed.”

Sabretooth clicked his tongue in disapproval before he flashed his sharp teeth at the younger mutant and crouched as he got ready to attack. “No can do, kid. I’m going to put a few new holes in you before I take you into ‘custody’. He never said he needed you in one piece.”

Pyro lit up, manipulating the flame into his palm as he created a fireball. He didn’t even get a chance to fire it though as he felt something sting his shoulder and he turned around to find Mystique standing behind him with a tranquiliser gun in hand.

“You always did talk too much,” she told him before she blew him a kiss just as he blacked out.

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