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RP Log with whoneedsahalo | On the Mend

Pyro scrubbed a hand over his face before he squinted up into the afternoon sun. He had never been a pale kid, his skin always a little darker but looking at himself now he was definitely pale. He hadn't seen daylight for who knew how many days. He'd been locked up, he'd been in the med lab and he'd been in Warren's room. He wasn't complaining about the last part. He really wasn't complaining about the last part. Now that he and Warren were on the mend, there'd been some more kissing, a little fooling around. His dick wasn't so broken anymore and there were ways around Warren squishing his wing. John was getting used to living with him, and he was getting used to being... gay.

He still caught himself staring at Sage's breasts when she wasn't looking. He couldn't help himself. He was bisexual, that much he knew. Just right now he'd found himself in a relationship with a guy and he wasn't going to change that. He was happy. He made his way over to the bench near one of the large trees in the grounds of Xavier's and dropped down on it with a sigh.

He'd just rubbed his hand over the back of his neck when he heard footsteps behind him and then Warren was perched up on the back of the bench so he could keep his wings free. John smirked a little. "Thought you were sleeping."

"I had a weird dream that a dinosaur with Emma's head was trying to eat me. Seriously time to get off those fucking painkillers," Warren decided with a nod for emphasis. He shifted his feet on the bench, getting balance. He felt off-kilter right now in the wake of Hank having strapped up his broken wing while the other was mostly as normal. It just threw him off when he was used to having both of them equal and free. He was feeling a hell of a lot better than he had been initially after the whole horrible incident and at least he could get through the day without wanting to pass out cold now. He dug his cigarettes from his pocket along with his lighter and made a huge show of leaning right away from John with it as he lit up and then smirked as he held the lighter out of his reach. "Come to admire the pretty flowers, huh?"

"Yeah, you know me, man. I love my botany." John's nose crinkled before brushed the backs of his fingers over Warren's leg and just started to laugh. "You realise that it doesn't matter how close to me the lighter is, right?" Across the grounds, Logan was lighting up a cigar and Pyro smirked as he held his hand out and made the flame of Wolverine's lighter grow more than just a little. Then he quickly dropped his hand as he looked up at Warren, and tried to act like he had no idea what was going on. "How do you feel about dating a dead man walking?"

Warren smirked as he watched, his own cigarette safely to his lips. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just being a prick. He's going to get you back for that, you know. There is only so long you'll be let away with the poor wounded soldier routine before they start getting pissed off. I don't know, what food are you going to serve at your funeral?" he joked and blew the stream of smoke out slowly. The nicotine felt good. Hank had cut him off his smokes while he was recovering, and although he really wasn't a big smoker at all, he liked to have one when he wanted it without being told not to. Story of his life about most things, really. The joys of growing up a spoilt rich kid. "Scott asked me if you staying in my room was a permanent thing. Something about updating the fire escape plan. It made me laugh, considering it's you we're talking about."

John sniggered as he tugged on one of Warren's leg hairs. "Hilarious. You should be a stand up. I'm also pretty sure that I'm the fire escape plan. What's the point of being a pyrokinetic if I can't even get us out of a fire? Still, it's cute that Scott thinks he's doing a useful job. Thanks for offering me a smoke by the way, that was really sweet. I'll remember that if I have a dessert that I might have shared with you. So, a dinosaur with Emma's head, huh? Really nothing unusual then. I was dreaming about your cock."

Warren flicked playfully at John's hair. "Hey, quit it. Why not just pluck my feathers while you're at it?" he snorted in amusement as he ashed his cigarette over the side of the bench. "I think they just have one in case some education board ask for it or something. Who fucking knows? It was all a ruse. They just want to know if this is a permanent thing or not." He handed the smoke he already had lit over to John, holding it out between his fingers for him to take. "Please tell me it was the hot raging erect cock and not the pathetic shadow of it's former self you copped a view off when I was recovering. I could have sworn I was never going to fuck again."

John accepted the cigarette with a nod of gratitude and stuck it between his lips before he took a drag and exhaled the smoke through his nose. "So what did you tell Scott in the end? Did he look like he minded? I bet it was Emma sending him for the information. He's still her little bitch even if he denies it. Just doesn't get the bonus of sex. For the record, yes it was the hot raging erect cock, but your pathetic cock wasn't half as pathetic as mine. C'mon, it'd changed colour! I can't believe you still want anything to do with mine."

Warren shook his head with a shrug. "I left him hanging. I wanted to talk to you first, make sure it was still what you wanted. I know you made the choice when you were in pain and things were sucking a whole lot of ass. You're getting better now, you're self-sufficient. I didn't know if you wanted to go back to your own place afterall," he admitted. He snickered and shook his head. "It didn't just change colour, you got the shit fucking beat out of it! Give me some credit. If it turned green with purple polka dots, then maybe I would be having something loud to say about it."

John stood up and moved to sit up on the top part of the bench next to Warren, the cigarette still dangling between his lips as he took Warren's hand and threaded their fingers. "Give me some credit too, man. I haven't changed my mind. If I had, I'd have told you. I wouldn't be there. Cold, but true. I don't fuck around, okay? Not with that kinda thing. I'm more than cool with it being a permanent change."

"Just laying the cards on the table, that's all. I'm not trying to start anything here, and despite the fact we had a horrible fight that led to a whole shitty situation, I would understand if you weren't ready to make it an permanent arrangement. I'm not really a prick like that. It's a huge thing. Hell, some people are together for years before they move in together. And no, I'm not saying I'm having second thoughts here. I'm not. It's been fine, I think we've dealt with it mostly okay. Sure, we've had bitch fights, but once we get it out it's all done and we move on. So, cool... we'll tell them it's a permanent thing, then?" Warren replied and threw John a smile before taking the smoke back.

Before Warren could take a drag from the reclaimed cigarette, John leaned over to steal a kiss and rest his hand on his thigh as he gave it a squeeze. "Yeah, we'll tell them it's a permanent thing. I don't just move in with people for the fuck of it. I'm moving in because it feels right. I like waking up to you, I like the making up after the bitch fights and I like that we can bitch it out and then just deal with it and move on. I like that we could just lick our wounds together. I just didn't want to wait. What if we don't get another chance? Might as well enjoy it now."

Warren messed John's hair up with a smirk and then leant against him, enjoying the closeness. "You haven't once bitched about feathers up your nose either. I'm very impressed. And now to just figure out what to do about my father and maybe going public with this. The thing is, if we do, it's less Magneto can use against you," he reasoned, having thought the situation over in his head a lot lately. If they came out and just admitted it, it couldn't be used as blackmail bullshit or for anyone to get an upper hand.

"Or it's a reason for him to go after you," John murmured as he frowned deeply. "I can't pretend like that doesn't weight into it for me. He might not come after me, but he could still definitely go after you. Even more so. Or your father. Again... Not that I have any issue at all with going pubic in general. Trust me, I don't. Fuck, I mean, this is the most together relationship I've ever fucking had. I'll make a fucking sex tape with you if I need to."

Warren heaved a heavy sigh. "Look, John, I'm the heir of the dude who invented The Cure. You don't think they already have a whole manual of reasons why to go after me? To hurt me, to kill me? You're just buried somewhere on page 458 or something, under 'His hair is too perfect, it must be from The Cure'," he said cynically. "This isn't about me, it's about you."

John cleared his throat as he shifted and tried not to let his anger seep out. He was getting better at keeping his emotions pretty tight. He wasn't the hormonal teenage boy he'd been the last time he'd been at the mansion. The days when he'd run to Magneto for an outlet. He'd wished he'd been able to work through it by fucking chicks like Remy, but he hadn't. He'd needed a destructive outlet. "It'll still have a backlash on you. You've worked hard to keep the image you have. I don't wanna fuck with that if we don't need to."

"John..." Warren began quietly. "My whole life has been one big backlash. Alright? Backlash from my mutant gene, from having wings, from being a rich kid, from being my father's son, from being a playboy, from being the son of the guy who discovered that horrible thing that every mutant either loved or hated. Have you even read the newspaper articles about me? If everything in those were true, I'd have been locked up in a mental institute long ago. I'd be dead. Backlash is something I'm used to."

"So are you saying..." John stopped as he scrubbed his hand over his face again, the other still resting comfortably on Warren's thigh. Ever since they'd both been healing he'd needed that constant contact, that physical reminder that they were both okay. Even now he still needed it, and he didn't think it was something that was going to go away. "All in... Or rather all out. Let's do it."

Warren wet his lips and finished off the cigarette before dropping the butt onto the bench and stubbing it out with his toe. "I'm saying that the backlash I might go through from coming out as bi could never possibly be as crap as what I went through from the backlash of the Cure and being my father's son," he corrected softly. "I've been misunderstood and judged my whole life, why not just come out as what I really am and be happy about it? Then they have no gaps to fill in themselves, do they?"

John shook his head as he watched Warren quietly. "No, they don't. And I'm not saying this is a bad plan. It's actually a pretty fucking good one and it means neither of us have anything to hide. We'd both just be living our lives, doing our thing. No hiding here, no hiding in front of the public or papers or whoever the fuck. And no leverage for Mags and his fuckwits." John rest his forehead against the side of Warren's head for a moment as he smiled a little. "Means we get a chance to fucking do this properly."

Warren snaked his arm around John's waist and just sat there in the embrace for a long few quiet moments. If anyone was watching the scene from afar, it wouldn't take a genius to see something more than just mates was going on there. And that's how Warren wanted it. The more he thought about it, the less he wanted to run from this. He spent most of his life hiding. He was bored, he wanted to just roll with what was happening for once, and this here with John was happening. In fact, it was the most prominent thing in Warren's life, what he cared about the most. "Maybe if we're doing shit properly, we'll reduce the chance of fucking it up so much," he added.

"Well, there can always be a first time for everything," John admitted with a slight chuckle. Given Scott's needling into whether or not the room change was permanent, John didn't really give a shit who was watching. The mansion knew anyway. It wasn't as if the school was any great fort when it came to secrets. They ripped through the place like wildfire. He cupped Warren's face with his hand to kiss him again, this time a little deeper so that it lingered, and so that there really was no confusion over what was going on here. "I'm in this for as long as you want me to be."

Warren smirked. "Now I'm just wondering if I do this subtle and discreetly, or do something to get it splashed all over the business pages. Might be good for business," he joked and then waved his hand as if picturing a banner. "Warren Worthington II, PFLAG's newest member. I can have my own float at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. No fucking fake angel wings for me," he said with a laugh.

John pulled back with a chuckle as he gave a shake of his head. "You're on your own for that one. I don't look good in glitter. Any other public and newsworthy way you wanna go about doing it, I'm all for."

Warren's mind could be quite devious when he neeed it to be, and his lips were already curled into a smirk as he thought over all the possibilities. It was tempting to just go public with a bang. Something that would draw the public's attention and send a big giant fuck you to Magneto and company. "I am thinking all sort of evil scenarios right now, but I don't have the heart for it. Hell, if you weren't so jealous, I'd grab Remy in public and plant a snog on him just to see his face and get photographic evidence of it."

John just arched an eyebrow at that comment. "Yeah, well, as much as I want to see Remy's face after something like that too, I'm not sure I could take it. You're right about the jealous thing, and I am working on it. Sort of. I know you're a playboy, or whatever. If you really don't want to do this exclusively just tell me, okay? I'd rather know up front."

Warren looked at John wryly. "Give me some credit, alright? Do you think because of my lifestyle I'm incapable of committment or something? You're doing just what all those journos do on a daily basis and judging me, making assumptions about me. Just because I've never committment to anyone doesn't mean I'm incapable. It means I just hadn't found anyone yet. Why shouldn't I fuck around if I'm not dating anyone? I like sex. Sex is fun."

John scratched his thumbnail against the stubble on his chin, shaving still not high up on his list of priorities. At this rate he probably would wind up with a beard by the end of the week. His nostrils flared slightly before he let out a slow breath. "Look, I know we've covered this before, but it's not about me judging you. It's about me trying to let you know that if you've changed your mind and you need a bit of an open leash on top of the living together thing, then we can figure that out. I'm not used to this either, okay? I've never fucking settled down."

Warren just gave a laugh. "Then let me make up my own mind, alright? We wouldn't even be here if I needed 'an open leash'. I'm not a prick. I'm not going to date anyone and want an open relationship. I think that's just bullshit, even if a few people around here believe in it. I don't see the point in being with someone and being committed to them in everything but the bedroom. Why not just not date? It seems stupid. I don't believe in fucking around in a relationship, alright? My father did it once to my mother, and it stuck in my head forever. I'm not like that."

John slipped his arm around Warren's shoulders as he pulled him in for another kiss, this one softer. "I'm not like that, either. I know most of the time I can't even commit to what I want for lunch, but I can commit when it comes to something like this, and honestly? I don't need to go anywhere else. You are more than enough for me, feathers and all. I don't need apple pie normality bullshit. You're as normal as I want, alright? So like I said, I'm in this all the way. And however you wanna out us, is fine by me."

Warren nodded with a smirk and this time when he took out his smokes, he offered one to John. "I feel like all this should be some sort of drama and ordeal of emotional soul-searching, but it's really not. I actually feel fine. There was a time I was wondering what it should all mean, but I didn't feel like I needed to check into therapy or anything. I always figured I would date some day, I just never assumed it would be with a dude. I don't have any problems with it. That sort of scares me, because everything in my life has come with having problems."

John tucked one of the smokes between his lips before he waited for Warren to flick on the lighter, stealing the flame before Angel could argue. He smirked as it grew in the palm of his hand and leaned forward to light his cigarette before he pointed at Warren's with his other hand, allowing a tiny part of the flame to escape to do the same. He sat there, still nursing the fireball as he watched it. "Tell me about it. I never had the silver spoon, though. And I'm not saying that to be a dick, I just honestly never had it easy. Xavier's was the first stable home for me, and maybe I did piss on it because I didn't think I deserved it... Sometimes I'm still not sure what I deserve, but with you?" He concentrated as the fireball rose up, and started to shift, flickering into something resembling Warren's wings. "Fuck it, I deserve it. I want it. I need it. Everyone else can fuck themselves sideways if they want to try and take it from me."

Warren watched the flame with a little stiff wariness. He couldn't help it. Feathers and flames never mixed, ironically. And here was Pyro and Angel dating. "You think the silver spoon made it easy for me? It didn't. I was always watched and honed and expected of. Then I grew wings, and boy was that a kick in the fucking nuts. You don't even want to know what I did when I discovered them. There's no reason why you don't deserve to be here. Look at us all. We've all got shit going on, we've all been through hell for different reasons. Isn't that why we are here?"

John arched his eyebrow as he looked over at Warren and just snorted in amusement before he extinguished the flame. "How about a little trust? I only ever singed your feathers when you were giving me the shits, so relax. I do actually have control of my powers, you know. And I didn't say it didn't make it easier on you. I'm just saying, I didn't even get the money aspect to go with the shitty life. I know you've been through a lot. I know we all have. I'd never argue with that. Hell, I'd hate to think what kind of fucking trauma Emma went through to make her the bitch she is today. Xavier's is... home. A dysfunctional one, but home all the same. I've never had that before."

Warren looked at John sheepishly. "Give me a break, here. My wing still hurts, I'm just... hesitant. I thought Bobby was going to brush against it earlier and I nearly shouted the whole lower floor down. He was about three feet away and nowhere near me." He gave a snort of a laugh. "Come on, Emma's just a natural bitch. That's not resulting from any trauma, it's a god-given gift. Just like Remy is a natural asshole. Did I tell you I caught him Googling Cartier?"

"I wouldn't hurt your wing, Warren. I'd rather punch myself in the dick." John tilted his head as he took a drag off the cigarette. "So what does that make me a natural at? He was Googling Cartier? Seriously? What for? I didn't think they did diamond nipple rings. Or ones for Prince Alberts. I'm sure he must have something pierced that's uncomfortable considering he is just such a natural asshole. At least he's got the sex going for him, or Rogue would've kicked him to the curb a long time ago."

"Please don't do that. Pretty sure you do that, it's going to drop off this time," Warren decided and rolled the cigarette between his fingers as he watched the burning end of it. "You're a natural asshole too. Me? I'm natural at being awesome," he said with a smirk and then shrugged, laughing. "I don't know, but I laughed my ass off. He's probably had things pierced over and over again. He likes the thrill. Makes he wonder if he's thinking about pulling a heist for an adrenaline rush. He doesn't have the same punch without his powers, but he's still a thief at heart."

John smirked faintly as he closed his eyes and tilted his face up towards the sun, his hand once again resting on Warren's thigh as they fell into a brief silence. "Yeah, alright, I'm a natural asshole, but I think you're more of a natural... something. Not really an asshole, not really an operator. Just you. You probably are an angel. Jesus, so long as he doesn't try and bring the loot back here. Scott will have a heart attack if the cops show up looking for Remy. Still can't believe he hasn't got his powers back... I feel bad for the guy. Then I remember how much he shits me, and I just want to light his ass on fire."

Warren just started laughing and reached over his shoulder to gently brace his bandaged wing so it wouldn't jiggle around so much. "You two are never just going to kiss and make up, are you? What about Bobby? How are things there with you two? I am still impressed with how hard he could punch. I seriously never want to be on the end of that. He's sort of hot when he's angry," he added and threw John an amused smirk to see how he would react. "I'm an Agitator. I think that's what you're looking for."

"Maybe I was thinking more jackass," John responded with a slight chuckle. Then he frowned and cocked his head as he tried to process the fact that Warren thought Bobby was hot when he was angry. All he could do was hold up his hand and just shake his head in disbelief. "Look, you're on your own with that one, man. Not all of my bromances were a result of latent homosexual tendencies. I've never found Bobby sexy. Me and him? We're... talking. Sorta. I don't know, we haven't had much of a chance to talk properly. Shit just kept getting in the way, and he's practically had his face buried between Betsy's breasts non-stop for how long now? Just coming up for a little air, and some food. Me and Remy are always gonna be like this, yeah. No kissing, no making up." He threw Warren a smirk of his own as he flicked ash off the tip of his cigarette. "Makes me think about how good the angry sex would be, but I don't need him trying to give me a wedgie during the foreplay."

Warren was laughing loudly now, still holding onto his wing. He leant forward when tears sprung in his eyes from the amusement of it all. "Oh god, the visuals! Come on, Bobby is hot, and you know it. He's just more hot for Betsy, and man, I thought Rogue and Remy were the worst, but Bobby and Betsy can take it to a whole other level sometimes. He's a good pal, though. You two should have a chat if you can now the dust has settled. I don't know about you, but I could use as much peace around here as possible. I feel I need to get my zen on."

John just continued to smirk, his gaze flicking away as movement caught his attention and the horny devils themselves appeared. Betsy and Bobby were joined at the lips even if they were walking along the grounds. John watched them for a moment as he tried to battle with something in his mind. "Alright, he's hot but he's not my type. I still don't want to lock lips with the bastard. I guess I just like my cock to have wings. With Bobby and Betsy there isn't that danger that she's gonna zap his cock off, and make him unconscious. As much as Remy might love Rogue, he's probably always gonna be thinking about how far they can actually go before she really does hurt him. We still don't know if it was a zap from her or not that killed his powers." John exhaled smoke as he looked back at Warren. "Maybe once we're both healed, and we figure out some peace here we could think about getting away to somewhere else for a weekend of outside peace."

"He's not my type, it's just merely an observation. He was sort of weedy in school. This is what happens when he grows up and takes care of himself. You don't need to want to lock lips with or fuck every person that you think is hot. It's just about the view. Window shopping, so to speak. I'm not going to get pissed off if you admit you've been noticing other dudes. Just look and don't touch. Do I look like I'm about to go over there and snog him? Of course not. He's my friend, but I still appreciate the view," Warren reasoned and shrugged. "I've never really looked before, so I'm just having my eyes opened to the world. Yeah, but Remy's never been bothered about Rogue's thing. Even now without his powers, he doesn't seem bothered. And I'm pretty sure they've gone as far as they can. Remy's sex life has always been... colourful. And where did you have in mind, hm? We have a beach house in the Hamptons."

"'We'? You mean you and your family? Sure, we can go to the Hamptons." John even smiled a little as he nodded. "Hamptons could be a good place to get away. And, ah, with the window shopping... I know we've just entered a new phase in our sexuality, but I still catch myself staring at Tessa's breasts. Just so you know. Definitely about window shopping, but if I ever come back to your room with a black eye and a lack of balls that's why. I try and do it while she's not looking." He looked back at Bobby, and tilted his head. "Nah, I'd still rather perve on your ass. He's fit, and he's filled out since back then, but he's got nothing on you. Do you think the Cartier was for Rogue?"

Warren shrugged. "Actually, it's just mine. Only, they use it more than I do. It was a present for my eighteenth birthday, when I was old enough to own real estate. I think I've had my fill of breasts for the moment, I'm more into something new on the menu," he decided in amusement. "Which is fine, you know. You come back to the room with a black eye, I'll give you a second one to match, because she's technically your ex and that's overstepping a little and if she's thumped you, you've done more than have a fleeting glance. And trust me. I'll hit harder than she does." He threw John a curious glance. "I guess there's a chance, but would he do things so conventional? Doesn't seem his style."

John flashed him a lopsided grin before he waggled his eyebrows. "If this goes on long enough, we're turning that into a shag pad. A home away from home where we can spend the whole time walking around naked." His hand slipped back up Warren's thigh and then up further, leaving no doubt as to where he intended to put it. "I don't actually want to do anything with her breasts. I think I more stare because I'm trying to figure out if they still do something for me. And they do, but not as much as when I start thinking about fooling around with another cock. New and shiney is definitely the top of the menu. There'll be no overstepping, I promise. I'm all yours, and yours alone. I can't be a hypocrite like that." John shrugged. "Or maybe he's going conventional because no one else would expect it."

Warren stubbed the second cigarette out as he watched John's hand calmly. He wasn't going to admit to being irked about the Sage's boobs thing. There was appreciating that a mate was hot, and there was blatantly staring at the boobs of the chick you used to want to fuck. It was a bit of a mood killer. He rested his forearms on his thighs and blocked the path of John's hand... or at least, an easy path. "Here's hoping your eyes start training themselves elsewhere eventually, then." He shrugged. "I know about it now. He didn't exactly try to hide it, he just smirked at me."

John cleared his throat and watched Warren for a moment before he shifted even closer to him and took the harder path. "My eyes are just fine now, babe. I know I'll only get so many stumbles before you kick me up the ass, but I don't want it to come to that. Want you, wanting to touch you, be close to you... It's a fuck load better than anything else out there. The fact that he just smirked makes me all the more concerned about what he does have planned then."

"Good answer," Warren replied with an amused quirk of his eyebrow. Maybe it was all about tests and finding the foundations with each other. He wasn't going to share if he was in this for the real deal, but he didn't want them to have to fight every single thing out. Sure, they bitched at each other, especially when they were tired and cranky, or lately, when the pain had been prominent. John bitched at Warren for hogging the bathroom, and Warren bitched at John for bad TV choices. It never ended badly, though. It was nice to know that if Warren wasn't happy about something, like the fact John perved on Sage's tits, they could get through it without a full-blown argument. "I don't know, I just really can't see Remy as the marrying type."

John smirked as he dipped his head to nuzzle against Angel's neck as his hand reached its destination and he started to rub it against Warren's crotch. "And the true one. So I can't even get in the shit for suspected lying, or just making it up. It's the goddamn truth. And I think we're getting well and truly on the way to being able to give Bobby and Betsy a run for the money. Not to mention Remy and Rogue. They can all kiss our asses. Then I still say it's a diamond stud for some random body part."

Warren laughed. "I don't think Cartier caters for that sort of jewellery. In fact, I know they don't," he said with a shrug, and then he leant over and caught John's lips in a heated kiss. Maybe he could give the other couples a run for their money, it would probably just take some getting used to. After all, they were basically the only gay couple in the school. That wasn't even the thing, though. It was still going to be some getting used to for the team knowing that John and Warren were an item. The other couples were expected, this was well out of the blue.
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